Things Lost in the Trump Fire

Posted on November 11, 2016

As a guide to my friends and family, I am have compiled a list of things lost in the 2016 election. Feel free to add to the horror in your own mind. This list is only complete as my sleep deprived mind can manage at the moment.

1. Supreme Court for a Generation (20-25yrs. folks).
2. Affordable Care Act- gone in the few months and replaced with TrumpNoCare. Try to make those payments now! Oh, that’s if you can even get insurance due to pre-existing conditions.
3. Social Security- they can do anything they want to this folks…
4. Medicare- ditto, anything they want… even eliminate.
5. Right to Choose- banned, or partially banned by throwing it back to the States.
6. Civil Rights- Voting Rights Act was already gutted. If you are a minority in America, you have just been rendered a second-class citizen again. We are about to erase the legal progress back to about 1960.
7. LGBT rights- going, going, gone.
8. Civil Liberties- Trump already talked about gutting the 1st Amendment. 4th Amendment has been under assault already for a generation. The 2nd only exists for these people.
9. Economy- remember the last time there was significant protectionism and tariffs in this country? It’s a good thing you don’t because it was prelude to the crash in 1929.
10. Foreign Affairs- Well Raytheon and the Defense contractors will be booming. I guess we can all apply there once the economy tanks.
11. College Financial Aid- loans and grants gutted, hello tax credits (which will do no good if you are poor).
12. Immigration- Illegals removed starting with those currently in detention. Executive orders will be reversed. Border militarized… hundreds of thousands of families with US citizen children will be torn apart full stop.
13. Global Warming Crisis- What crisis! Drill baby, drill…

This is the list if everything goes nicely. Not only that, Trump and the Republicans will work to push through this agenda immediately. Refer back to the kitchen sink approach used by George W. Bush ca. 2001 on… An everything all the time approach leaves a fractured opposition to any single component of their project. Trump and many of his people are authoritarians… even fascists. That’s the scariest part the main stream media never talked about. Welcome to America’s first authoritarian regime. The resistance starts today.


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