Surveying Superfoods: the Benefits of Cacao

Posted on May 26, 2016

Recently, I have begun thinking again about superfoods. One superfood that needs a new look is Cacao.

Raw powdered cacao is a wonderful superfood. Remember the recent dark chocolate craze? Raw cacao has nearly 4x the anti-oxidants of dark chocolate!

But that’s not all, cacao is also known for the following:

Improve your mood… Cacao contains anandamide whis known to help create feelings of euphoria.

-as an Aphrodisiac… it can seriously help get you in the mood.

Balance Mood Swings

Protect you from Heart Disease

Prevents aging

Combats Fatigue

Strong Hair and nails

Lowers Blood Pressure

Improves kidney and bowel function

Reduces insulin resistance

And much, much more…

I have just recently started taking this regularly and will post with results over time.

Cacao pods